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Could the real problem with my relationships be me

Fearless  authenticity
Fearless authenticity
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I went through most of my life going from girlfriend to girlfriend and from friend to friend. I would get frustrated in relationships and when the frustration and emotional pain was unbearable I would abruptly end the relationships.

Then God let me in on a secret. That is not really that strange an idea. The world is too complex and has such a beautiful and magnificent structure to it for there not to be a creator behind it all. And if he took the time to create me, I believe that he loves me and wants me to have the best life I can have.

The problem that God showed me that I was having is that in relationships I was getting overwhelming feelings that I could not be myself. Relationships felt oppressive and stifling.

I had always assumed that it was the other persons fault. God showed me that it was my own doing. My own fears and insecurities is what were holding me back from experiences truly great relationships.

I had huge fears of rejection and abandonment. Because of these insecurities I would try and be what I thought the other person wanted me to be, and I would not be myself.
This of course was extremely frustrating.

Now I know that healthy people respect someone who is themselves and they are attracted to people who do not apologize for who they are.

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