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Could the Florida Gators' "Strongman" program be the key to a national title?

If the Florida Gators are going to reach the Final Four for the first time since 2007, they're going to owe a lot of credit to their off season training regimen.

Florida cuts down net after SEC title win over Kentucky March 16th
Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The number one overall seed in the NCAA Men's Basketball tournament under head coach Billy Donovan has high hopes and expectations of winning the national championship on April 7th.

One of the secrets to their success this season may be the "Strongman" workout regimen they incorporated into their conditioning program.

If you're unfamiliar with Strongman, it's basically those shows on ESPN 2 in daytime summer TV that fills up blocks of empty airtime with big power lifters lifting huge amounts of weight in creative ways.

Try lifting and flipping a hundred pound mega tire for 50 yards or sprinting as fast as you can carrying 50-60 pounds of Olympic weights with each arm. How about pulling a four wheel truck via thick rope for 30 yards or running with a fifty to sixty pound steel bar on your shoulders for 40 yards. In the gymnasium, running backwards pushing a sixty pound sliding chair from net to net or pushing that same four wheel truck for fifty yards from behind while running with it.

Click here to see the video:

A lot of peoples' brackets have the Gators going all the way for good reason. The last two national champions (Louisville and Kentucky) held the coveted number one overall tournament seed, and the last time the Gators were the number one overall seed back in 2007 they won the title.

If the Gators are going to cut down the nets on April 7th, they're going to owe a "ton" of credit to their Strongman off season training program.

Watch the video for more insight on the Gators road to the Final Four and their chances of winning it all.

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