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Could Patrick Cummins actually beat Daniel Cormier at UFC 170?

According to a Feb. 16 report from FOX Sports, Patrick Cummins received the opportunity of a lifetime when the UFC called to offer him a fight against Daniel Cormier in the UFC 170 co-main.

Cummins went from unknown to MMA celeb in just a 24 hour span, as he traded in a job at a coffee shop for a spot in the UFC spotlight.

He literally went from serving iced lattes to serving up television interviews, almost overnight. Cummins says he's quite thankful for the opportunity.

"The biggest release was when everything was said and done and we signed the papers, I looked at my manager Ryan (Parsons) and he's had an even harder time at this than I have because he's the guy tracking down people to fight me. We stopped and looked at each other and said 'thank god we don't have to go chasing people around to fight anymore'. I was so excited that we're here now and that's over. It's such a relief," Cummins said.

The story of Cummins going from barista to UFC fighter is one that media outlets have really run with in the days leading up to UFC 170.

But is Daniel Cormier an opponent that Cummins could actually beat? UFC star Brendan Schaub certainly thinks so.

"Listen fighting Daniel Cormier on 12 weeks notice is a tall order, he's one of the best in the world. DC's a beast, but if there's anyone that can pull it off on this short notice, it's Pat Cummins," said Schaub, who trains with Cummins daily at the Reign Training Center in California. "He's always in the gym, he's always in shape, I was just wrestling with him on Monday."

Analysis: Fight fans love a good underdog story. Unfortunately, at the end of the day, reality needs to set in.

Cormier is an 11 to 1 favorite to win the fight at UFC 170, so it's highly unlikely that Cummins will win. Of course, anything can happen in MMA and Cummins has a puncher's chance.

However, Cormier is a world-class wrestler who will likely stay out of striking distance by shooting for takedowns whenever possible.

Cummins admits he's already thinking about hashing things out with the coffee shop job that fired him when he accepted the UFC fight.

"I'd like to kind of hash things out with them a little bit," Cummins said. "I was in a really tough spot. I was kind of at the end of my rope as far as being able to train and provide a living for myself. I hadn't fought in almost a year and I picked this job up and they were gracious enough to hire me and take me on.

"There's definitely no hard feelings there because I know it's a business, and I appreciate the couple of paychecks I got from them. They helped me out of a little credit card debt."

Cummins had his 15 minutes in the spotlight. This feel-good story won't last.

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