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Could One Direction be banned from USA? Smoking joint video seen by police

One Direction smoking joint video is bad for the band
One Direction smoking joint video is bad for the band
Photo by Dave J Hogan/Getty Images

The boy band One Direction is coming to America, but before they do the world got to see a leaked smoking joint video that has people shocked. Now fans are asking if the One Direction smoking joint video could get them banned from the United States. According to Yahoo News on Thursday, the video was leaked without the band’s permission. The video is everywhere and the access online it could be viewed by international custom officials and the police. This smoking joint video might cause serious issues.

Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson are seen smoking marijuana in car driven around in Lima, Peru. The Houston Chronicle reported Thursday the band was on tour at the location and the two stars were taking time off stage. The band members were just weeks out before they are set to tour in America on a sell-out 39-date nationwide concert trip.

Traveling around the United States, the One Direction summer concert tour is a series that fans have been looking forward to seeing, but will the band be allowed in America? While at this point there is no ban on the entertainers, there could be a plethora of law officials waiting at any gate to check their luggage and make sure there is no controlled substances.

Remember Justin Bieber and his issues surrounding marijuana? The star has been held for hours by customs following his January arrest and they can legally do so as there is probably cause. One Direction’s video is also cause for alarm as it could be proof that they engaged in unlawful conduct.

America isn't the only place that One Direction might not be welcome after the smoking joint video. Asia is very strict in laws surrounding misconduct. The band also might not be welcome in the different countries or there could be restrictions offered up to make sure proper values are reflected while in the country on tour.