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Could Obamacare navigators be convicted identity theives?

On the inaugural launch of last month, we warned consumers that Obamacare posed three separate identity theft and fraud threats including the risk that non-vetted Obamacare navigators may be convicted felons including identity thieves. Earlier this week Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius confirmed that this identity theft threat is possible.

Again we suggest that vigilant consumers consider waiting to enroll until the most significant of the privacy and fraud concerns associated with and the navigators are addressed presumably prior to enrollment deadlines.

During this week’s Senate Finance Committee hearing, Kathleen Sebelius was grilled by committee members. Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) asked Sebelius, specifically about whether or not navigators could be convicted felons and whether such navigators would acquire sensitive personal information about enrollees. Without hesitation, emotion, or a defense, Sebelius agreed there is a risk.

Identity theft is a felonious crime, so it stands to reason that under the current system with the absence of background checks that Obamacare navigators could be convicted identity thieves or of criminal persuasion.

Recently one expert suggested that all Americans should purchase an identity protection service to protect themselves against the threats of Obamacare as well as the prevalence of identity theft in most ever aspect of our lives.

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