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Could grappler's match-ending flatulence lead to rule changes in MMA?

According to a March 11 report from MMA Mania, a grappler recently forced his opponent to tap out by passing gas in his face.

The smell was apparently so bad that the losing fighter quit in the middle of the match and then proceeded to vomit on the mat.

No rule preventing it

Unfortunately for him, there was no official rule in place to disqualify the fighter from doing what he did.

With that said, the victory stood for the man who dealt it, and the one who smelt it went home with a very stinky "L" in the loss column.

Since the victory held up, grapplers and fighters around the world now have a new tactic to think about.

Is it smart to distract an opponent by passing gas in their face, or should it just go without saying that its wrong for a fighter to do so?

Time will tell how the situation plays out, but it's clear it might be time for the UFC and MMA organizations around the globe to put an official rule in place before these smelly occurrences become more common.

Analysis: At present time, there is no rule preventing fighters from passing gas on each other during fights.

There is also no official regulation against body odor. If they want, fighters could go weeks without showering before a fight as a tactic to distract their opponent while rolling with them on the mat.

"I would probably be like 'what the f***' if an opponent tried to fart on me," Kansas MMA fighter Rach Wiley said last year in an exclusive interview with Long Island MMA Examiner Eric Holden. "I think I would still be able to focus. I guess it would depend on who you fight. If someone tried to do that, I would move my face, but I would try to not get in a position where they could do that."

Passing gas on someone during a match seems like a bush league tactic, but fighters are going to do it if it means collecting easy money from win bonuses.

Fighters will do whatever it takes to win as long as they aren't breaking any rules. Therefore, the UFC should be proactive and adjust the rulebook before more fighters fart on each other as part of a fight strategy.

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