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Could Corey Harrison’s arrest affect the success of ‘Pawn Stars’?

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Pawn Stars has been one of the biggest hits on the History Channel, but many wonder if the arrest of one of its stars, Corey “Big Hoss” Harrison, could affect the show’s ratings and future success. In a nutshell, probably not. In fact, Corey Harrison’s barroom brawl and resulting arrest may have quite the opposite effect. Even though it’s not currently airing new episodes, Pawn Stars has been one of the most “Googled” topics for most of this week.

Pawn Stars is a 30-minute reality TV show that revolves around a cast of interesting characters who own a store in Las Vegas called Gold & Silver Pawn Shop. Since the show’s debut on July 29, 2009, the family-owned business has expanded its showroom and increased its staff. The Harrison family has enjoyed the sweet smell of success that resulted from Pawn Stars.

So, is the arrest of Corey Harrison a huge concern for the Discovery Channel? Nope. In today’s world of instant media and Google searches, publicity only adds fuel to the fire. In other words, Corey Harrison’s misfortune could end up boosting ratings of Pawn Stars on the Discovery Channel. Right or wrong, that’s just how it rolls on reality TV.

Interesting facts about Pawn Stars TV show on the Discovery Channel:

  • One of the most valuable items at the Pawn Stars shop was a 2001 Super Bowl ring, valued at $60,000.
  • Once Pawn Stars caught on, business boomed at the pawn shop. The store went from 12 to 38 employees and Rick Harrison told the Las Vegas Sun, “Business is good, suffice it to say.”
  • One of the oldest items in the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop is a Greek Didrachm that dates back to 325 B.C.
  • The Harrisons are not especially fond of buying boats because of the “BOAT" theory, which refers to “Bust out another thousand.”
  • The most expensive items ever sold at the pawn shop were four one-kilo gold bars, valued at $128,000.
  • Chumley drives a Harley.
  • Pawn Stars has no plans to include the Harrisons’ wives on the show.
  • The experts on the show receive no payment from the Harrisons or Pawn Stars. Most live in Vegas.
  • Corey Harrison has two brothers.
  • Pawn Stars and a similar reality show called American Pickers pull in the best TV ratings for cable shows airing on Monday.
  • The Las Vegas Sun said this about Pawn Stars: “Unearthing the Harrisons and their Gold & Silver Pawn Shop was like uncovering a gold brick under a pile of cinder blocks."
  • The Harrisons recently completed a $400,000 expansion, which doubled the store’s size.

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