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Could Chris Bosh, The NBA's Largest Punchline, Have The Last Laugh?

Chris Bosh Off Sreason Decisions
Chris Bosh Off Sreason Decisions

He's the NBA leader in hilarious meme's and internet jokes. The basketball antics of Chris Bosh have become the stuff of online legend. From his flamboyant expressions and gestures to his infamous photobombs, it's never a dull moment with the Miami Power forward. Yet presently the joke my be on us as the off season of super star free agency has placed Chris Bosh in a position of power that is tied into every major teams personnel moves.

Following the lead of Lebron James Bosh relocated from Toronto to join the Big 3 in Miami. For all the heat that was generated but the formation of this so called super team, the move did pay off. In 4 seasons Bosh went to the Finals every year and won it all in years 2 & 3. A %50 championship success rate over 4 years is something that any pro player would sign up for. Now Miami and the league it self is in flux as a number of marquee players have opted out of their contracts to become free agents and explore the options of joining new teams. Many people assumed that Bosh would simply agree to a new extension with Miami and maintain the status quo that was until Team Leader Lebron James started to entertain the advances of his former team the Cleveland Cavs. In addition to that an unexpected max offer of nearly 90 million dollars has emerged from the Houston Rockets which now gives Chris Bosh the option of returning to his home state of Texas while getting more money then in Miami.

The implications of this are far reaching. The NBA is in a hold pattern as other players awaiting the decisions of Lebron James and Carmelo Anthony, but it would seem that they're actions will be greatly influences by what Bosh elects to do. So in a weird twist of fate the balance of NBA power is in Bosh's hands. If he stays in Miami it is believed that will play heavily into Lebron returning to Miami. That would also eliminate the cap room that would be needed for another top level free agent to sign with the Heat. That would then factor into the decision of Carmelo Anthony to more then likely return to the NY Knicks. The other possibility is the Bosh looks at the fact he already has his championship rings and now its time to get his money and do it with a very impressive team in his home state. Things get interesting here because with Bosh gone it's possible that James may make a play to get Carmelo to join him in Miami filling the vacated Forward position. In essence created a greater stockpile of talent on South Beach then anyone could imagine.

The players are in full control here. Granted it's all speculation as none of us know what internal motivations are directing these men but the overall free agent picture has become a lot more complex then any one originally imagined. Teams that were on no ones radar aggressively created space to become players in off season signings. Chris Bosh often was viewed as the "other" within the Big 3 Lebron James was "The King" and Dwayne Wade is the "Major of Miami" for the rings he brought the city. Yet in the last year or so the steady physical breakdown of Wade's body has elevated Bosh to being the 2nd most consistent player on the team. He isn't viewed as a player who's game has regressed but rather a player that sacrificed his game for the better of the team but is still an All Star level talent.

The sports media chatter is that Bosh desires to remain in Miami as a partner of Lebron's but as the waiting game continues it will become more and more difficult to brush off the millions of dollars presently on the table. The dominoes of lining up but I doubt anyone suspected that Chris Bosh would be the piece we were all waiting on.