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Could Cantor's loss force Republicans to impeach Obama?

President Obama's Poll Numbers
President Obama's Poll Numbers
Courtesy of Bloomberg

There are several points in history where an election, or even a single event, shocks the political machines of America so much that is leads to a paradigm shift of the status quo. After the first term for Presidient Bill Clinton, Republicans embarked on a 'Contract With America' campaign that led the party right into control of the House of Representatives, and eventually brought about the end of progressive politics for the next 20 years.

On June 10, it now appears that a similar force majeure has taken place when for the first time in history, a standing House Majority Leader lost his primary election against a member of his own party. And this loss by the up and coming Representative from Virginia is sending shock waves all throughout Congress, and more importantly, is making every Republican rethink their positions on nearly everything they supported over the past two to six years.

Besides immigration reform, which many now feel is permanently dead since this was Cantor's Achilles heel, Republicans will be rushing home in droves to, for maybe the first time in their political careers, listen intently to what the people in their districts actually want from their elected officials. And in a new Bloomberg Poll out today, one major political move the people may just be calling for is the impeachment of Barack Obama.

President Barack Obama’s favorability ratings hit the lowest point of his presidency in a Bloomberg National Poll, with just 44 percent of Americans saying they have positive feelings about him.

Fifty-seven percent disapprove of his management of the economy, with just 38 percent approving.

58 percent say the U.S. is in decline as a world leader,

The No. 1 concern for Americans continues to be unemployment and jobs.

Americans feel similarly negative about Obama’s handling of the alleged mismanagement of the Department of Veterans Affairs, which provides medical care to more than 8.3 million veterans. Fifty-one percent disapproved of Obama’s management of the matter. Sixteen percent said they aren’t sure how they feel.

Only 31 percent approved of how Obama handled the prisoner swap and 51 percent didn’t, 18 percent said they aren’t sure how they feel. - Bloomberg

While opinion and popularity polls are not enough to bring Congress to prepare and debate upon impeachment charges, there are still a long list of actions done by President Obama, including a recent one entailing a prisoner trade of known terrorists without the consent of Congress, that easily merits impeachment proceedings. And for all the instances that have crossed Constitutional lines in the past, such as Fast and Furious and Benghazi, the Republicans have continuously pushed off their sworn duty in exchange for political expediency.

The American people voted for a change of direction in both 2008 and 2012, but they never wanted gridlock, nor increased protections for corporate and banking entities that brought about the crisis of 2008. They also did not want a continuation of wars across the globe that cannot be won, and a foreign policy where an American President can claim the right to kill suspected terrorists and innocent civilians alike and call them collateral damage under the guise of an ideological 'war on terror'. In both cases, the Republican leadership did little more than whine on Sunday talk shows, or get into worthless debates with their adversaries in Congress for some measure of political 'points'.

We will not know for awhile the complete ramifications and full consequences of David Brat's win over Eric Cantor on June 10, but in just 24 hours, career politicians within the Republican party are facing fear for the first time, and may realize that to hold onto their seats, talk will not be enough. And inevitably, they might have to show their constituents something substantial, and something the people themselves want their government to commit to. And that commitment may just be impeachment proceedings on a President who has done more illegal activities than any President before him, including Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton.

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