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Could buying a bed be worse than buying a car?

How do I know which bed is best for me?
How do I know which bed is best for me?
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Everyone knows that buying a car can be a stressful event. With so many car choices and so many different car prices it’s hard to choose. Add the sales people on top of that, trying to get their commission and you're bound to feel like you're losing an uphill battle.
But, who would think that choosing the perfect bed would be just as hard. The mattress world has grown from just normal spring mattresses to memory foam, Tempurpedic, hybrid beds and more. The choices can be overwhelming.

My husband and I set out to start learning about the different bed choices and the places that you can find them. We started off at HOM furniture in Coon Rapids. A very nice man named Wes gave us a quick tour of the beds and their prices and then gave us our space to look.
Then we headed over to Slumber land and met with again nice sales person named Deb. Her approach was to ask us what we liked in a bed as individuals and then as a couple. However, she seem incredibly busy as she would walk away for a bit to deal with other customers.
She showed us some beds that we really liked but just could not imagine spending that much on a bed. I mean, some of the prices are as high as a down payment on a car. The one good thing we learned is that many companies like Tempurpedic have locked in prices so no matter where you go you will not have to worry about missing out on a better price somewhere else. That cannot be said about the other beds though.
It made me think that someone needs to develop a website like Truecar for beds maybe call it True Beds. This way consumers do not have to visit so many locations.

Our last stop was Mattress Firm. By the time that we arrived at Mattress Firm we were tired and confused about all the choices and not sure which one was right for us. We had the dilemma that many couples have of one liking the bed firm and the other liking it soft. And since we didn't want to have to plug in a bed like the sleep number we were in a pickle.
At Mattress Firm located in Blaine, Minnesota we spoke with a gentleman named Brad. Brad had to be one of the most patient man I have ever dealt with. Like, I said before we came in tired and stressed not knowing what to choose.
Brad took the time to answer our concerns and when someone else came in the store his attention did not waiver. Brad understood that our budget was tight but we still wanted a good quality bed. He offered us a Tempurpedic bed that was a floor model. This bed was much cheaper than purchasing a brand new Tempurpedic bed. It seemed to be just what we were looking for. We let Brad know that we were going to talk & run back to check out one more bed again. He was kind and didn't seem upset by this at all when other sales staff seemed annoyed that we were looking elsewhere.

After much deliberation we headed back to Mattress Firm to purchase our new bed. Brad went above and beyond in getting our bed to us within two days which really helped us out since we would be without a bed after giving our current bed to our daughter. I really appreciated his patience & willingness to help us get a new bed.
The best advice that I can give someone who is looking for a new bed is to explore the different options online then head out to touch and feel them. Know your price point and find a salesperson like Brad from Mattress Firm to help you find the perfect bed.

Be sure to check back on my review of our new Tempur-Pedic bed.

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