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Could Bubblews be the next social media giant?

July 25, 2014, Bubblews investigates liking and activity streams after reported complaints have been filing in, on joint efforts to make money. While Bubblews encourages users to socialize; by paying them to be members, one thing Bubblews is against is scheming profitable gain.

In recent news, “Bubblews has attracted a lot of attention having been covered by CBS new, Fox news, Mashable and Times of India,” one members reports. Everyone seems to be talking about the social media site that pays.

Yahoo Voice and YCN closing announcement could not have come at a better time for Bubblews. With Facebook focusing on mobile capability and trying to corner that market, neither Facebook are Google+ has paid much attention to this (no name company) making a name for themselves.

Bubblews, may find themselves holding the “trump card”. We asked users on Facebook if they would join a social media site that would pay them to do what they do on Facebook, “socialize” and they reply, “Absolutely!

With the growing surge in members on the rise, due to YCN closing and others picking up on talks in the news about Bubblews, people are becoming curious and a flocking to see just what it’s all about.

Moreover, in the marketing business it is all about creating what people want and giving it to them. That means even if it is just the idea of the possibility. Which would you choose?

Would you stay on a social media site that’s monopolizing your time with nothing to gain from connecting, reading gossip and gaming or would you rather be a member of a site that will pay you to write more than, “Oh my god really!”

Bubblews, has found a way to encourage teens and adults alike to communicate on a higher level. One is paid by how many views they receive, likes and comments. However, there is a catch! Bubblews, frowns on scheming to gain profit.

Currently, Bubblews is looking into the matter of promising likes along with a number of other issues we are not a loud to speak about at this time. Furthermore, you won’t find many posts like, “That’s so cool”

If one is going to comment on Bubblews, one must use their brain and write something longer than three words. There is a “comment”, character count requirement and a “posting”, character count requirement.

It seems Bubblews has thought this through more in depth than Google+, Facebook, Yahoo and Twitter all put together. Their focus is not on commercial gain but “socializing”.