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Could Bradley Cooper be the next Indiana Jones?

Between December and now a lot has changed in the making of Indiana Jones 5. Back in December, Disney studio chairman Alan Horn related that there wasn’t even a story for the film, and any rumors were just that. This morning, Bradley Cooper is being talked about all over the internet as the “next Indiana Jones.” Could 71 year old Harrison Ford be expected to kick butt in yet another adventure thriller? While the famed actor is expected to have some sort of role in the next series of Star Wars films, the stunts in Indiana Jones may be a bit much for a Hollywood senior citizen. The direction that the classic film series should take will be interesting to say the least.

Bradley Cooper is rumored to be in the running for the next Indiana Jones film
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

According to The Latino Review, Indiana Jones could take the same route as the James Bond series, where the film is not seen as a “reboot,” but a recasting. Frank Darabont is rumored to be taking on the project of writing the script for Indiana Jones 5. Bradley Cooper is also rumored today to be on the top of the list to star in the action flick. In a few short months we have gone from no film to the casting process. Anything can happen with a little Hollywood magic! Can you picture Bradley Cooper as Indiana Jones?

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