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Could Belle die on ‘Once Upon a Time’? Show runners’ spoiler suggests

Could Belle die on ‘Once Upon a Time’? Show runners’ spoiler suggests
Could Belle die on ‘Once Upon a Time’? Show runners’ spoiler suggests
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Once Upon a Time’s” winter hiatus has been loaded with spoilers and teasers, many coming from the show’s creative team directly. We're always worried that one of our beloved characters could die before the end of season 3. It makes our hearts beat a bit a faster. On Feb. 10, Wetpaint shared some season 3 spoilers on this subject so read on at your own risk.

One theory is that the death could be Belle’s. Even though Rumplestiltskin vanished at the end of the midseason finale as he killed his father, Peter Pan, it is known he will be returning to the show. If Rumple goes dark for the second half as many think he will, he could be involved in Belle’s death.

Fortunately for Belle – and us fans – Show runners Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis revealed a few tiny tidbits and we know Belle is safe…for now.

In an interview with TV Guide the pair was asked about whether or not viewers will get to see Belle’s life before she hooked up with The Dark One. The response from Kitsis was encouraging.

"Not this season, but we plan to at some point."

This means she will be around for the rest of this season and they have plans of having her around at least into next season. If you’re thinking that maybe they would show in flashback form, think again. So far, no dead character has ever had a flashback sequence that focused on them. This is good news for Belle fans!

“Once Upon a Time” will return from winter break with “New York City Serenade” on Sunday, March 9.

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