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Could Bellator make a run at signing Georges St-Pierre someday?

According to a Jan. 20 report from MMA Weekly, Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney has publicly provided his opinion on UFC President Dana White's recent comments about Georges St-Pierre.

Rebney says St-Pierre was a great champion and that the UFC's recent remarks about him were in poor taste.

There was plenty of back-and-forth remarks in the media this week between St-Pierre and White, as the former champ hinted that he vacated his middleweight belt because the UFC wasn't doing enough to keep a level playing field in the sport.

St-Pierre, 32, is an advocate for stricter drug testing to make sure all MMA athletes are clean, and he felt the UFC didn't work with him enough to ensure that all fighters weren't using performance-enhancing drugs.

When White heard what St-Pierre had to say, he essentially responded by calling it ridiculous. Rebney then took some shots at the UFC when he listened to what White said of St-Pierre.

“I do have an opinion on some of the comments that have been going back and forth [between GSP and the UFC],” Rebney stated. “The UFC set the bar pretty high in the terms of tasteless comments, but they're recent comments about GSP are probably, in my mind, the most tasteless comments they've made in some time.

“I look at GSP as one of the greatest, most honorable champions our sport has ever seen,” he continued. “In my opinion, I don't think GSP owes us as fans anything and I don't think GSP the UFC anything. As we saw, based on the fallout from his last fight, he's given us as fans and the organization he fought for, he's given us everything.”

Rebney buttered up St-Pierre a bit more by calling him a great champion and excellent ambassador for the sport.

“I think a lot of the issues that he raises and the points that he makes are good points,” said Rebney. “He's been a de facto ambassador for our game and a spokesman for the sport at an incredible high level for a long period of time and I put a lot of credence and credibility in what he's talking about.”

Analysis: Could Bellator eventually make a run at signing Georges St-Pierre? That discussion could happen eventually, but right now St-Pierre is still under contract with the UFC.

However, if the relationship between White and St-Pierre gets so bad that it becomes irreparable, Bellator has a good a chance as any to step in with a contract offer.

Bellator is backed by Viacom, a media giant with huge amounts of financial resources. If St-Pierre wants to return to fighting and still holds ill will towards the UFC, Bellator makes perfect sense as a future home.

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