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Could being a grandparent be good for your health?

grandparents and grandchildren
grandparents and grandchildren
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A new study with 120 Grandmothers just came out that has a lot of buzz going around about Grandparents and older health issues. The post menopausal grandmothers in ages 57 to 68, who don’t already have any cognitive disorder were tested, some who watch their grandkids once a week, and others who watch their grandkids 5 days a week or more. The study states the ones who watch their grandchildren once a week has a less likely chance to develop Alzheimer’s disease, and other mental and cognitive disorders.

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In the study the Grandmothers brain functions were increased with spending time with children only seeing them once a week. They also have an increased memory for words. It also states that Grandmothers who watch their grandchildren five days a week or more are more likely to worsen due to stress and other factors. The grandchildren were more demanding of them.

Another factor is that Grandparents who are more socially engaged with their grandchildren also have better memory and processing skills.

Since this study came out parents and grandparents are finding the right balance with the care of their children, and grandchildren.

You can find more about the study and watch videos of reports at

In the video and a grandmother was interviewed in England and shows that having fun with her 2 granddaughters and she loves knowing while having fun, it will also lower her risk of having health issues in the future

Another grandmother says while watching her grandchildren she is has no more bone pain.

Parents and Grandparents should talk about finding the right balance for their families. Just knowing what impact grandchildren have on their grandparents is a great thing to think about. Happy Visiting!!