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Could be fat free: Discover this tofu snack find (Part I)

Tofu snack is quick, easy and nutritious

Even if tofu isn't a first thought as an eat consider this. Snack for yourself, appetizer for a social function or entree for a simple and inexpensive meal, these tofu squares are quick and satisfying.

The Super Cao Nguyen Market in the Asian District in Oklahoma City happens to sell tofu cut and "fried" in squares. These pieces of tofu are sold in the refrigerator section, and cost under $3.00 for about a dozen.

If this is not available, see this tutorial which highlights what homemade crispy tofu cooking methods are successful.

Here are two options that have rendered good results. It is not clear if making these in the oven would work any better, or even possibly smoking or grilling them would work. Having only made them twice it is hard to tell what variations might work well. This is a no brainer recipe that is protein packed, and for all practical purposes low fat. here is the baseline rating on the tofu which is actually pretty friendly.

Tofu squares from SCNM are about 2"x2". and about 1.5 inches thick.

Recipe #1 Olive Oil Tofu with cheeze

Pour a small amount of olive oil across a plate.

Roll pieces of CSNM tofu in the oil

Lightly coat the top with a mixture of garlic salt, finely chopped onion or garlic, oregano leaves and basil leaves. Cook for about 30 seconds to one minute, dependent upon how hot/fast the microwave cooks.

Then, sprinkle parmesean cheeze or pecorino/romano or any you wish along with a generous amount of cracked black pepper. Return to the microwave another 30 seconds. Don't apply the cheeze before, as it will harden and possibly burn. The basil, if fresh may be better off if also not applied until the second cooking or at the point of service for garnish.

Slice into 2 or 3 sections and serve.

The reason for slicing the tofu, is that it is a bit on the chewy side, a little like a thick crust pizza. The crispy homemade tofu, might make for a different texture. So it is possible to from the beginning, make a thinner slice, by slicing the SCNM tofu lengthwise, making 2 thinner pieces instead of one. OR to slice after cooking into the three parts. The latter seems to work better, so the condiments cook on top of the pieces.

Recipe #2 Tofu squares with left over pizza or pasta sauce

Plate as many tofu as preferred.

Spoon the sauce of choice on top of each.

Microwave for about 1 minute and check... this recipe went for 2 minutes.

This chosen sauce had eggplant pieces and parmesean and happened to be rather thick.

Remove from the microwave and cut into slices and eat or serve.

Just looking at this, readers probably have other ideas for condiments for this snack, and just about any minced vegetables or pickled vegetables found on a pizza would work with this. Decorating each piece with a fresh basil leaf or thyme sprig atop a thin slice of mozzarella or feta would dress it up a bit.

This of course could be eaten as a meal, with a green salad or vegetable and crusty french bread. Excellent way to use extra tofu or save a buck on a unique appetizer.

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