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Could 2014 be Jeff Gordon’s last year?

Jeff Gordon met with the media Thursday at Daytona.
Jeff Gordon met with the media Thursday at Daytona.
Greg Engle, Getty Images

The 2014 NASCAR Sprint Cup season could be the last for four time champion Jeff Gordon. That Is if he wins a fifth title this year.

Gordon, a future Hall of Famer, has 74 career wins stretching back to 1993 his first full season in the NASCAR Cup series. Since then he has accumulated wins, titles and fans. But Gordon admitted Thursday during the annual Daytona 500 media day that should he win another title, 2014 could be his last season.

“I've put in, you know, 20 plus great years,” Gordon said. “I do this now because I love it, because I like being competitive, and because I want another championship. I want to get a Sprint Cup championship.”

While Gordon has said in the past that he has no timetable for his retirement, the deciding factor now could be his family. After a tumultuous divorce from his first wife, Gordon remarried in 2006 to Ingrid Vandebosch. The couple has two children. Another motivation however is his desire to win a Sprint Cup title.

“I go home, you know, and I look at my trophy room,” Gordon said. “I see four trophies, championship trophies. But they say Winston Cup on them. You can name me a four-time Sprint Cup champion for technical reasons all you want, but to me I'm still not. I want that before my career's over. “

Gordon scored on win last season and finished sixth in the final standings, but should a Sprint Cup title come in Gordon’s 20th full time season, it could be the last NASCAR sees of Jeff Gordon in a fulltime role in the Sprint Cup Series.

“If that happened, that would be all the reasons I need to say, This is it, I'm done,” Gordon said. “Go out on a high note, start playing baseball. “

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