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Cougars are unleashed in Fort Worth

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From Wikipedia, a Cougar is a slang term referring to a woman who dates or is considered desirable among younger men. The term refers to women at least 35 years old who pursue men more than seven years younger. Even women as young as 30 years old are being considered cougars if their male interests are 10 years their junior. The term used originally to describe desperate, lonely, older women preying on younger men for companionship and sex. Cougars are gaining more popularity and acceptance, as it describes a more confidant, financially secure woman who adores the attention and sexual vibrancy of younger men. Younger men are classified not as prey but as cougar hunters. They are not just pursued but are also the pursuer of a cougar’s attention.

Older women who are widowed, divorced, separated, or perhaps never married are discovering a new sense of independence and self confidence. Women who are college educated and financially stable seek companionship more for attraction and sexual gratification than long term security. An example is Elizabeth, a 43 year old in Fort Worth has her own home and a management position. She has been divorced for over 14 years and her 3 children are grown and living on their own. She says men as young as 21 and 22 ask her out on dates. Although the advances are flattering and most of her suitors have been enticing eye-candy, she remains on the fence because her oldest child is the same age as some of the men who’ve approached her. Liz is merely peering through the fence of the Cougar world. A true cougar has no reservations and approaches her interests with a self awareness of exactly what she wants. There are dating sites that cater to this particular arrangement such as and

What about the younger men? What are their feelings on dating older women? Most like the maturity and experience that older women bring. Dean is 21 and lives in fort Worth, expresses how he likes that a lot of the time he doesn’t know they are in their 40s because they are fit and physically can compete with a woman in their 20s. Finding a mature, sexually experienced woman who looks like someone his age is a definite turn on. He prefers cougars because they know what they want and play far less games.

The union of older women dating younger men is on the rise. It marks a significant contrast between the traditional view of women seeking a more educated, financially stable provider and the modern successful woman who is open to a range of choices.