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Cougar dating statistics: Younger guys starting to date older women

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As you may know already, MILF is an acronym that stands for “Mothers I’d Like To F***” and it refers to cougars that look younger than their age and that have a certain sex appeal that seems to be driving younger men crazy. Over the past two decades or so, more and more young men have become interested in cougar dating, for a series of reasons: some men simply like the fact that older women tend to be more independent than the younger ones, while others liked them before they are more experienced in bed and in virtually any other aspect of life. One thing is for sure, though: milf dating has exploded lately, and cougars from all around the world have started to get undressed of all their inhibitions and to experiment the beauties and pleasure life has to offer.

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Milfs Have Started To Join Swinger Dating Websites!

Swinger websites are basically online dating platforms that connect couples with other couples, or with single women. These people are looking for something new and exciting, something to help them spice things up in their personal life, and this is precisely what cougars are looking for! Milfs these days want to see for themselves what it feels like to be involved in a threesome, and while some of them are strictly interested in sexual relationships, others even take it a mile further and get involves in a three way romantic relationship! As human beings, it is in our nature to want and discover new things, to experiment new and exciting combinations that turn us on. It is perfectly normal to try everything once, just to see what appeals to you and what does not.

Statistically speaking, open marriages and swinging couples tend to have longer, more fulfilling and more stable relationships simply because they unleash all their fantasies and they enjoy life in an unrestrained and mutually pleasant manner. This way, the partners are less prone to cheating on each other and they are simply more open and more communicative regarding their desires and preferences. Free love and sexual experiments have emerged around the 1960s and the 1970s, and since then swinging has become an increasingly popular practice amongst open-minded couples who want to try something new for a change.

An online survey that was conducted in 2000 on over a thousand swingers has revealed that their relationship was simply revitalized and their communication has been improved by swinging. Furthermore, another study that was conducted in 2007 has shown that swinger couples are less likely to experience jealousy and they are not as likely to seek couple counseling or to get divorced in the long run.

Statistics Regarding Swingers And Milfs Engaging In Open And Swing Relationships

Approximately 20% of the respondents have claimed that they have been engaged in an swinging relationship or an open relationship where each one of the partners is free to engage in sexual intercourse with other people outside the couple. Furthermore, around 17% of them replied that their open relationship is governed by strict rules that they have mutually agreed upon before they started swinging.

Why Do So Many Men Prefer Cougars Over Younger Women?

There are tens of reasons why some men would rather be interested in dating or even marrying an older woman, as opposed to a younger one. For instance, cougars tend to be more patient and more experienced – unlike most young women nowadays, they have already enjoyed their youth and they have experienced a lot in terms of love, sex, fetishes and what not. They are not so eager to get committed and to “put a ring on it”, and this is precisely what so many men love about them, as it is known that men have a harder time to commit than women.

On the other hand, cougars tend to be more protective and more caring, especially those who already have children, and men love to be pampered and taken care of. Besides this, milfs are more likely to have a stable job and income, and many men are attracted to the power and the feeling of independence that most mature women exude these days.

In addition to all these reasons, there is a sexual component to cougar and milf dating that must not be omitted. One of the strongest (if not even the main reason) why men date cougars is the fact that most of them do not have any inhibitions when it comes to bed. Getting a cougar to sleep with you is often easier and faster than convincing a younger woman in her 20s to do it, especially if the milf is recently divorced and she is looking for some fun, as it usually happens! These cougar ladies start to get involved by watching movies at then when they want to get involved in a threesome with a couple they join a site like

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