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Couch potato syndrome got you down?

Take it from me. Relaxation is key.
Take it from me. Relaxation is key.
photo from Brandi Mariah's personal collection

Is your couch comfy? You may not be in trouble after all. Couch potato syndrome is alive, well and living close to home. Inches of powdery snowflakes have fallen today on this small Iowa town. This cold Iowa weather makes one want to grab or that latest mystery novel and curl up for more time than we think we are entitled too. Are we lazy or just plain smart?

  • Relaxation is good for the mind and great for the soul.

  • Couch time is restorative much like redecorating the mind.

  • "Take a vacation from your problems." (A Richard Dreyfuss line from "What About Bob?"

Take a break. Write off that guilt that you feel when taking time for yourself. You may want to picture an outlet device on that favorite couch or chair. It is ok to plug yourself in for a while. Give yourself permission to read that novel or to watch your favorite TV program. Relax, refresh and redecorate that mind of yours without feeling badly about doing so. Remember you are not only relaxing for yourself but for those that you surround yourself with on a daily basis. 

Trust your relaxation trainer.  Until next time, peace.


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