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Cotton suits: the must-have of the season

The year is 2010; it's a new decade for a new you, and men's fashion is changing rapidly. The once distinct lines of casual and formal wear are being blurred and the wardrobe for the average man is expanding, providing gentlemen with more options and style preferences than ever before. As the fashion knowledge of the average gentleman increases, one must remember that each new season comes with "Must Haves." These "Must Haves" are generally fashion trends directly from the runways of Milan, New York, and other fashion icon cities, trends that every gentleman should be aware of.

This spring, the "Must Have" every man should own, is the Cotton Suit. Cotton is a naturally a light fabric, it breathes easily and is perfect for warm weather. The Cotton Suit is a versatile necessity for every man. For formal events, the Cotton Suit can be worn buttoned up, with a dark dress shirt and matching satin tie. For casual events, leave the jacket unbuttoned and wear a simple white dress shirt, with the first two buttons unbuttoned. This will provide a sense of comfort and casualness while maintaining a classy and vintage look.

Cotton Suits are usually less expensive and are tailored to fit better. For an athletic build, this fitted suit will complement your figure, showing off your physique, and for heavier gentleman, the Cotton Suit will give you the appearance of a more slender and toned body. When buying dress shirts for your Cotton Suit, always buy at least one white one, and one striped one. With stripped dress shirts, always make sure the stripes are vertical and thin, this is always more formal than horizontal stripes, and will automatically slender any heavyset man. 


  • Rueben 5 years ago

    Great article
    what are some possible materials for my shirts?

  • Zach 5 years ago

    Thanks! Good to know.

  • Anna 5 years ago

    Wow,that is a great article. Great info. Now I know how to dress "My Man". He is going to look great in that cotton suit.
    THank you for your expert advise.

  • gabriela 5 years ago

    Wow thats great information!! Great job Cipriano!!

  • Roxy 5 years ago

    Super advice. This article makes it really easy visualize exactly what you are talking about.

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