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Cotto Vs. Pacquiao: Reevaluating your spouse's dangerous career


Stop the fight! As the twelfth round approached the camera flashed to Cotto's family whose faces were filled with fear and concern for brutally beaten Cotto. The Pacquiao vs. Cotto fight was one of the many fights held at MGM Grand's Boxing Arena this past weekend. With crowds screaming for someone to complete a knock out  and HBO ratings soaring in dollar bills the adrenaline rush becomes even more addictive than the last fight.  But with that adrenaline comes the pain of the people behind the scenes of these "oh so famous" human beings,those people are the families. The wives and husbands of the individuals giving their lives for a cause important to them because of personal passions are the ones who have to deal with the after effects when the TV is turned off and everybody as gone home.  It was something about Cotto's heartfelt passion for the art of boxing or a greater accomplishment that wouldn't allow him to quit to the last round. Its that same passion that invokes fear in the spouse waiting for their significant other to return home from their careers safe and sound. Unfortunately Cotto's wife Melissa isn't the only spouse consumed with "what if" questions that may be answered for the worse instead of for the better.

In this day and age people risk their lives everyday for a greater purpose. Amongst these people are the President, Police Officers, Soldiers, Firefighters etc. What we must not forget is that behind these positions exist a loved one, spouse, or significant other of some source that bears the pain of one day losing their heart, their partner, their love. For some this sacrifice  to society came with the territory when you decided to get married, and for others the sudden change in field has come as a surprise. Either situation you find yourself in requires a certain amount of maturity and strength that embarks upon a new level of thought. A thought that broadens perspective and makes visible the bigger picture.

So whether you've agreed to enter a union with a spouse who has a dangerous career or it was sprung on you all of a sudden the question should be; Is it worth your life? When you know the sacrifice your spouse is making is for a greater good whether that be to help society or save a life you begin to gain a little bit more strength in believing that everything will work out for that greater good.  On the other hand if your spouse is in a dangerous career that doesn't produce a greater good but produces money to make you feel good, know that money is only temporal and can be taken away at any point in your life.

Quick ways of earning money that involve life risking activities are not worth the time because they are not building any future investments into the lives of your family. So when trying to cope with the fact that your spouse may or may not return home from their dangerous careers ask yourself these questions:

1. How important is this career to your family as a unit?

2. Is your spouse's career  sewing a positive seed into society?

3. Is it worth your spouse's life?

4. Is this career for temporary satisfaction or long term growth?

5. Is this career something you have accepted?

6. Are you willing to risk your family as a living sacrifice to human kind?

Answering no or yes to either one of these questions will help you to cope with the situation at large by simple communication with the TRUTH. That truth exists in  your spirit. At the end of the day if the career your spouse has chosen is to dangerous for the emotion of your flesh your spirit will lay those fears to rest if this occupation produces the right outcome.