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Cotto vs. Martinez: Things are heating up as the fight draws near

Fight Sports
Fight Sports
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NEW YORK – Madison Square Garden Arena in midtown Manhattan will host a clash between two indignant middleweight fighters whose dislike for each other is growing stronger by the day. Miguel Cotto (38-4, 31 KO's) will go to war against Sergio Martinez (51-2-2, 28 KO's) for the WBC middleweight title. The fight is being put on by HBO via PPV on June 7.

Things are starting to heat up between these two camps. Both fighters are expressing bad words and ill will towards one another. They're both predicting knockouts. First, it was Martinez predicting a nine round KO victory over Cotto. Shortly there afterwards, Cotto's trainer Freddie Roach lashed back with a round four KO prediction for his fighter. Both camps are starting to get nasty and sling mud at each other.

A couple of weeks ago during the airing of HBO ‘Face Off’ with Max Kellerman, the two fighters joined each other face-to-face. It was the battle of words. Cotto looked Martinez straight in eyes and said, he was a B-side fighter. It was those words that started it all. Cotto feels that the competition he's fought over his career compared to that of Martinez are not the same.

The two were in disagreement in regards to which fighter should get top billing such as: Who name should appear first on the marquee; who should enter the ring first on fight night; which fighter has the more star-power. Cotto feels he's an A-list fighter and he is more of a fan favorite at The Garden. He feels even though Martinez is holding the belt, it's his name on the ballot that will be putting the majority of the butts in seats at the arena.

Both of these fighters have legitimate reasons to feel like they're the most important piece to the puzzle. Martinez is a natural middleweight who currently holds the WBC title belt. It's Cotto who's venturing up in weight to a territory he's never experienced before to try and take it. Martinez has made it known that Cotto will taste power that he's never had to endure in the ring before. He said, "He's ready to prove to the world that he's every bit of the man that he says he is."

Roach said, "based on great conditioning, a solid fight plan and a six year age advantage his fighter have over the older, previous injury prone Martinez, this fight favors his man Miguel Cotto all the way." Again camp Martinez begs to differ. They're saying this fight won't even be close.

Any real boxing pundit knows styles make fights. If you look at the style of both fighters and the way they've fought their past fights, they show no evidence of fear when it comes to an opponent. It's that analogy and aggression that makes this one exciting.

Let's see if these two combatants of the sport will deliver more fight—than hype; and possibly produce something special in the ring that everyone won't soon forget for many years to come.

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