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Cotopaxi “gear for good” company launches with successful Questival

If you heard the word “Cotopaxi” over a week ago, you probably didn’t know what it was, or you thought of the stratovolcano in the Andes Mountains, located about 31 miles south of Quito, Ecuador, South America. This past weekend on April 11-12, 2014 throughout Utah, the company, Cotopaxi, was all over social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with their company launch through a 24-hour adventure quest or the “Questival.”

Team OutsidePR performing different tasks for points during Cotopaxi's Questival
Team OutsidePR performing different tasks for points during Cotopaxi's Questival
Amy Oberbroeckling,
Standing outside Cotopaxi headquarters in Salt Lake City
Amy Oberbroeckling

Teams of up to four consisting of all-male, all-female or co-ed participants were adventuring around Utah and even just outside of Utah to gain points performing different tasks during the Questival. Tasks varied from performing acts of community service to climbing a pitch on a route outdoors or indoors, paragliding off the Point of the Mountain and getting a Jazz player to say, “Cotopaxi is the bomb diggity.” Teams couldn’t separate and do different tasks at different locations. You had to stick together and get creative on how to gain more points, take pictures of the task along with the Cotopaxi backpack that was included with registration, and post them on social media with certain hashtags. Three different trips were awarded to teams with the highest points. One trip went to an all-female team, another to an all-male team, and one more to a co-ed team. On each trip, the teams will spend one day working with Cotopaxi’s nonprofit partners. Kilimanjaro, Angkor Wat, and Machu Picchu were the trips that were given away to the winners.

A group of four strangers were brought together as participants/media team in the adventure race (go team OutsidePR) to take on as many tasks as we could in the time allotted for the race. From climbing up county signs to paddleboarding and sledding down a hill on a paddleboard with the whole team, jumping in muddy water with clothes on, hiking in thigh-deep snow, and flying across ski resorts and Timpanogos with OK3 Air, we not only became fast friends, but we also learned a great deal about an incredible company.

Davis Smith, Founder and CEO of Cotopaxi, is more than just an accomplished entrepreneur. He is a man that is eager to do what he can to give back to humanity and inspire companies to do more for the world. He had an idea and a vision of a company that could bring desperately needed resources to countries by correlating it with the outdoor industry. Smith has lived in and seen severe poverty in different countries. He has also seen the gratitude in the eyes of these poverty-stricken people when they receive the resources that we sometimes take for granted. As a person who loves to build a business and an unstoppable mind full of ideas, Smith pulled together an extremely talented team with similar ideals to help him build his vision into reality.

Cotopaxi is a Salt Lake based company that wants to do great things for those in need. With a brilliant launch, through Questival, of their backpacks and water bottles, each item is tied to a humanitarian cause in one of the poorest regions of the world. And whatever you buy, you know exactly where your money will go. For example, if you buy the India water bottle, this will provide clean water to one person in India for about six months. If you buy the Nepal backpack, this will provide three weeks of schooling for a child at Shree Nepane. Cotopaxi is the first public benefit corporation to raise venture capital from day one. Cotopaxi has durable, high-quality products for the outdoor adventurer without the retail markup as they sell directly online to the consumer.

When you hear the name “Cotopaxi” now, think of gear for good. And know, without a doubt, that the company clearly stands by its mission of selling amazing outdoor gear while giving back to humanity. It’s hard not to be inspired by this company and their passion for humanitarian efforts. If you want to help a great cause while enjoying the outdoors with a quality product, Cotopaxi has your back.

For more information on Cotopaxi and available gear, please visit their Web site at

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