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‘Costume Quest 2’ announced for PCs and consoles

The logo for the newly announced "Costume Quest 2"
The logo for the newly announced "Costume Quest 2"

The website has announced a new title by Double Fine Productions. That game is “Costume Quest 2,” and it was announced on March 10, 2014. It is rare for this company to create a sequel to a game, so this was an unexpected announcement.

“Costume Quest 2” will be an RPG that plays like traditional turn-based RPGs. Little is currently known about the title, but it will likely borrow many systems from the original title. The game plays most similarly to the various Mario RPG titles. During combat, the character can press buttons when attacking and defending to increase damage dealt and reduce damage received respectively. Another unique aspect from the original game is how the characters go into battle. The characters are all children in Halloween costumes, but, during combat, these characters transform into large versions of their costumes, and fight in that form. The game also features Double Fine Productions’ signature comedic charm, which should be expected from a game by this company.

To learn more about Double Fine Productions, visit their official website:

Double Fine Productions' official website