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Costume College this weekend!

Costume College's web site
Costume College's web site
Costumer's Guild West

Those of you who costume with an historical bent, this weekend is for you. Since 2001, The Costumer's Guild West, has hosted their annual Costume College, or "CoCo", for those in the know. West coast costuming aficionados tend toward the historical variety, and Costume College is no exception. Here you will find classes, such as how to build a Jacobean Supportasse, Beading Basics for Bold Beginners, Make and Take: Leather Thimbles; Sewing Machine Maintenance, Beginning Thermoplastics, and an opportunity to take a class with the amazing ribbon artist Candace Kling, Lynn McMasters, Jennifer Rosbrugh, Kendra Van Cleave, and more. There are too many to list.

Classes are only a small portion of events There are parties, ice cream socials, and all manner of mixers available for you to connect with others—of all skill levels—who costume. When most costume events now are "cosplay-centric," this one is not. It supports a set of distinct skills that are more closely related to those used in couture, and provide a hands-on glimpse into historical ways of life that can only be experienced by doing, making and sewing. These skills will also transfer wonderfully to your every-day clothes, providing a fit and finish that will set you far and away above the "loving hands at home" look. Come on down and add to your skill set, and enjoy the company of others who practice the craft of fine sewing.

Don't forget to make time for other important events, like FIDM, and it's exhibits, most notably, the 8th Annual Outstanding Art of Television Costuming Display which runs until September 20th. FIDM is an hour south of Coco's event hotel, blocks away from LA's Famous fashion district. On your way, you will want to stop at the LA location of the famous Mood Designer Fabrics, only 40 minutes away from CoCo. In short, it's well worth the trip.

Costume College takes place on July 31st – August 4th at Warner Center Marriott, 21850 Oxnard Street, Woodland Hills, California 91367. For the first time ever, Costume College will be offering at-the-door memberships. Pricing differs from the pre-registration prices, and interested parties should contact CGW directly for information. Since this is an unadvertised "test", individuals should contact Becca Metzger at