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Costs of health care reform


  • BizCommentaryExaminer 6 years ago

    Nice story on all counts. Great info!

    Subscribing to you.

  • Denise 6 years ago

    It's a good thing we have health care reform, because it's making me sick.

  • Dylan 6 years ago

    Of course companies are mad about the govt. taking away the free money (tax breaks) they were receiving on their free money (subsidies). It was crazy that this loophole was there to begin with. Let's say a company spent $100 for a retiree for prescription drug coverage. The govt gives them $28 which won't change under the new rules as a subsidy to provide this benefit. Then, the company can turn around and deduct all $100 on their taxes even though that wasn't all their money. It is taxpayer money. Now companies will only be able to deduct the correct 72% of the actual amount they are paying. They still get the 28% though, we just never should have been giving them the extra tax break to begin with.

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