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Costa Concordia floating again and ready to be salvaged

Costa Concordia
Costa Concordia
Photo by Laura Lezza/Getty Images

The Costa Concordia is finally back floating again. On Monday, MSN shared the news about how they got this ship back up again and what will happen next. This ship actually capsized two years ago and 32 people died in the accident. It has been stuck out there and it is finally back up again.

It will now be towed away and once it gets there they will end up salvaging it. They attached 30 metal boxes and then put air into them. This made the water go out and forced the ship up. On Tuesday, they will start working on getting it towed. This will be a huge salvage because there is nothing they seem to want to keep off of this ship. It won't be just kept as a museum or anything similar.

LA Times shared a bit more information about what happened. This boat is 950-foot-long, 114,000-ton vessel. On Monday, the ship was pulled up and was only moved about 100 feet. Tuesday is when it will start the journey to the final resting place and then they will end up deciding how to salvage it all.

Five employee of this cruise company have already been convicted with manslaughter. Francesco Schettino, the captain of Costo Concordia, is now standing trial for manslaughter. They are saying that he actually caused the accident and then abandoned ship. They have still not found the body of one of the victims and a diver also died while they were trying to save everyone. Francesco didn't even try to stay on the ship and go down with it like most captains would do.

People were starting to wonder if the Costa Concordia would ever be brought back to shore. It is a huge accomplishment for it to be up again and now they are going to start the job of salvaging this ship.