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Costa Concordia eerie video: Inside ill-fated ghost ship sits chilling reminders

The eerie sights of the ill-fated ship, the Costa Concordia, are now seen on video that the divers took as they explored the inside of its hull. The ship wreck’s twisted metal and massive damage are a reminder of just how hard the ship hit the rocks that night that 32 passengers lost their lives, according to Travelers Today on July 6.

Costa Concordia: Eerie video of the inside not seen since the night it went down in just released.
Photo by Laura Lezza/Getty Images

It was almost 10 p.m. on January 13, 2012 that this ship went up against the rocks and started to sink and one of the first people to abandon the ship was the captain. The passengers were left to find for themselves, reports Reuters. When the accident first occurred, the crew got on the intercom and told the passengers to stay in their rooms.

Many didn’t listen to that directive, which probably saved their lives. It was the passengers who heeded the crew’s directions that were stuck in their rooms below the water line as the boat tilted and filled with water.

Passengers could not get out as the doorways to their rooms that were now above them on the ceiling because of the tilt of the boat. Some were able to swim out of the room once the water got high enough to float them to the doorways above them, but others drown.

The new video shows what might best be described as a ghost ship with the remnants of the passengers from that final trip strewn throughout the ship. The video shows clothing, a book on the deck, the décor and furniture once filled with people socializing and relaxing, which are all still in place.

The eerie footage captured what was left of a great ship that met its demise. It showed some surprising signs of the past life on board the ship which was submerged in water for 18 months until it was righted in September. Some of the ship is still underwater.

The ship will be towed to a ship scrap yard after the boat is “re-floated” within the next few days. Check out the video as the divers swim through the part of the ship’s hull still submerged in water and check out the eerie stillness of this ghost-like ship today.

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