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Cost saving summer activities for kids

Cost saving summer activities for kids
Cost saving summer activities for kids
Cost saving summer activities for kids

Summer is the time to enjoy the warm weather and get outside. There are so many different activities to keep your children busy and having fun during the summer. For a lot of families that are on a budget they need to keep the activities free or as close to free as possible. Besides the gas to get to places, there are many free activities. There are many times kids do not even know they like something until they give it a try. Ask a kid that has never been fishing "do you like fishing", they will say no, then take them fishing give them the excitement of them reeling in their first fish and they might give you a different answer. Anyone under sixteen years of age it is 100% free to fish, no fishing licence necessary. Also if you live near the bay or ocean you can go crabbing. Chesapeake is the home of the blue crab. There are many festivals during the summer as well, watermelon festival is a big one that comes to mind. Site seeing is also a great way to get some exercise as well as enjoying some history. Depending on the age of the child they may want to more inside things. Museums are away to be inside in the air conditioning and enjoy art work and other history. Parks are always free and there are a ton of different parks to try. September will be here before you know it and kids will be back to school, so enjoy the summer vacation while it last.

List of free activities:






Pet stores




Blowing bubbles


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