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Cosmopolitan mixes up the Justin's

Miley Cyrus called out Cosmopolitan magazine this afternoon after they tweeted a “Happy 32nd birthday” to Justin Bieber, instead of Justin Timberlake whose birthday it actually is! Cyrus tweeted, “Got Bieber on the brain?” to Cosmopolitan’s twitter account, when they realized their error of putting a picture of Justin Timberlake with Justin Bieber’s name. The magazine later thanked Cyrus saying, “We'd like to thank @mileycyrus, who will always be our favorite honorary editor at large” The magazine also got Timberlake’s ago wrong saying, “Clarification: Justin Timberlake is 33 and we CAN'T GET ANYTHING RIGHT TODAY”
Hopefully whoever is running Cosmo’s Twitter account will get some good rest this weekend! It stands to reason that they might make a mistake, seeing as how much Mr. Bieber has been in the news lately, but let’s face it, we are talking about two very different Justins here. For starters, we've never seen one's mug shot!

Cosmopolitan magazine made a mistake on their twitter account Friday
Photo by Cindy Ord
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