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Cosmopolitan magazine accidentally tweets picture that isn't Kim Kardashian

Not Kim and Kanye
Brad Esposito Buzzfeed

Gone are the days where a slip of the tongue would get a company in trouble, in this day and age the wrong tweet could put some cracks in work relationships. Last time it was U.S. Airways that accidentally tweeted out a sexy picture to half a million frequent flyers. This time Buzzfeed reports it was Cosmopolitan that cheerfully tweeted a pic of the happy couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West this weekend. Along with the picture was a tweet about how the happy couple was thinking of having another baby.

But wait a minute. Who's having the baby? Kanye and Kim, or the couple in the picture? Because as it turns out, the happy couple in the picture with the adorable baby in tow are not Kim Kardashian and Kanye West at all.

Twitter followers were quick to call Cosmo on their goof, with most users taking it in stride.

@AshleyAlese tweeted, "Can we all just laugh at the fact that @Cosmpolitan tweeted this thinking it was Kim and Kanye?"
@Synkami hinted, "Does cosmo know that’s not…?"

@Cassidy_R tweeted, "Wait Cosmo really just tweeted an article about Kim and Kanye with a fake picture of Kim and Kanye."

When the tweet in question is a naked person going out to hundreds of thousands, that's a seriously bad day for public relations reps. This is hardly a biggie. The goof was spotted quickly and Cosmo replaced it with one that was actually the couple in question.

Kind of ironic really. Kim Kardashian is so frequently criticized for not doing anything to make the news, and here it is happening again. Normally Kim makes news for taking pictures and having them taken, now she's making news for not being in them at all. Only in the land of the North West.

It happens, right? What's the biggest social media goof you've ever made?

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