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Cosmic Waste’s celestial concert at The Brickyard Hookah Lounge

Cosmic Waste’s celestial concert at The Brickyard Hookah Lounge.
Cosmic Waste’s celestial concert at The Brickyard Hookah Lounge.
Sean Beeman

PUEBLO, Colo.—Cosmic Waste kicked off the grand opening of The Brickyard Hookah Lounge, on May 9. They were the opening act, along with Goatsilk. No Thru Traffic was the direct support and The Brontide Effect was the headliner.

Cosmic Waste’s celestial concert at The Brickyard Hookah Lounge.
Sareth Ney

Bob LaTona is the guitarist and backup vocalist, Carolyn LaTona is the vocalist, Danny Lazzarini is the drummer and Brandon Hinshaw is the bassist of Cosmic Waste.

Prior to starting Cosmic Waste’s recital with “Never What It Seems”, Carolyn LaTona welcomed everyone in attendance to the new venue. She encouraged the crowd to stick around for a night of music and to enjoy the services the venue had to offer. She went onto say the first song they were going to perform was a new one.

Carolyn LaTona mentioned she was glad to see a new music venue open in town, which provided a place to play for them. She followed with a brief description of “You’re Not Allowed” and how it was for anyone who ever felt out of place. Soon after, Lazzarini stuck his arms out and struck his drum sticks together. During the performance—she jumped repeatedly, as she shook her head from side-to-side, while Bob LaTona performed a guitar solo.

For “Our Own Demise”, Carolyn LaTona mentioned how she wanted to pick up the tempo. As Hinshaw, Lazzarini and Bob LaTona played an aggressive tone—Carolyn LaTona matched with her vocals. Bob LaTona tilted his foot back and forth on his guitar pedal, manipulated the sound and brought closure to the song.

As “Pin Me Down” was about to get underway, Carolyn LaTona advised the audience to not let anyone pin them down. She mentioned she had been the type of person and went onto state one cannot fly, if one’s wings were pinned to a board. As Lazzarini played on, she introduced him to the onlookers.

Before ending Cosmic Waste’s showcase with “Mass Extinction”, Carolyn LaTona thanked staff members of the venue. Then, she acknowledged the rest of the musicians on the bill with them and introduced the final song. During the chorus, Bob LaTona provided backup vocals. As they played the instrumental, he played alone briefly. After Hinshaw and Lazzarini accompanied him, Carolyn LaTona followed with the last set of lyrics.

“Back From The Light”, “Turn You Away”, “Sitting There”, “Cramped Inside”, “Never”, “Life’s Born” and “Water Runs” were also part of Cosmic Waste’s set.

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