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Dutch Jewelry designer Ted Norton has cleverly revolutionized a new way of carrying makeup. Instead of the traditional make up bag, Norton has created a device known as cosmetic firearm. Designed to resemble an actual gun, this gadget comes complete with a variety of items needed to ensure beauty and glamour as well as carrying every day essentials. The luxury gun retails between 11,500 to 17,000 dollars and is handcrafted with 18 carat gold accents and components. The cosmetic firearm contains a choice of Dior or Chanel lipstick, antique hairpin, 18 carat gold toothpick, a vile of perfume, 50 gram 24 carat gold bar, USB stick and a Viagra pill. The unique device can be found on line and is a one of a kind staple piece in any woman's accessory collection.

This innovative way to store make up is not only trendy and chic but also edgy. The contents are included with every purchase. In any given situation, the gun is equipped with everything any woman could possibly need. Also, the gun can be refilled with its original products and can store personal items as well. The cosmetic firearm can be ordered on the web and quantities are limited.

The cosmetic firearm is available in Dior 001 white, with an asking price of 11,500 dollars and pays homage to the luxury brand Christian Dior. The cosmetic firearm also available in the classic black Chanel 001 has similar accessories and retails slightly higher at 17,000 dollars due to the the exclusivity brand. Both guns are refillable with the original items they were equipped with upon purchase. Accessories such as special holsters and carrying cases are also available if the customer would like to purchase one.

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