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COSI's International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes is a winner

Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes
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It's elementary, my dear people. If you are looking for a fun, family-friendly and educational getaway that includes an unique and entertaining exhibition that all ages can enjoy then here's a clue that will help you solve your dilemma. Just check out COSI's (Center for Science and Industry) special exhibit 'The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes" running from now through September 8 in Columbus, Ohio. Columbus is approximately a 2 hour drive from Cleveland.

Logo for International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes
courtesy COSI

A Bit About Sherlock Holmes Created by Scottish physician and author Arthur Conan Doyle in 1886, Sherlock Holmes was a fictional detective known for his logical reasoning and for his ability to solve baffling crimes by his observation of seemingly trivial clues and his powers of deduction. The character (always accompanied by his trusty sidekick, Dr. Watson) has appeared in four novels and 56 short stories. The sleuth first appeared in the novel "A Study in Scarlet" in 1887.

The techniques and practices of the literary character Sherlock Holmes helped change the way that crime investigation was conducted by police in the real world which led to the forensics that we know today.

Special Note: Sherlock Holmes has been portrayed by 70 actors in over 200 movies over the years and in numerous TV productions. Most recently the detective has been portrayed by Robert Downey, Jr. in films and Benedict Cumberbatch on a BBC TV adaptation. The current CBS -TV show "Elementary" starring Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu is also based on Sherlock Holmes.

The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes Giving guests an an interactive crime-solving opportunity, this special exhibition will allow visitors to immerse themselves in Sherlock Holmes' world in Victorian London and help him solve a new crime.

The exhibition is split up into five different areas -- Dr. Conan Doyle's Study, Science and History, Sherlock Holmes in Baker Street, Become a Detective and Culture of Sherlock.

Dr. Conan Doyle's Study Visitors will be able to learn about Conan Doyle's life as a medical student at Edinburgh University, as an apprentice at Royal Surgeon's Hall, as a practicing doctor in Portsmouth and finally as the creator of the genius sleuth. This part of the exhibition features original manuscripts, letters, period artifacts and illustrations.

The Science and History area lets guests participate in experiments of their own and to explore developments in technology and science in the 1890's.

Sherlock Holmes in Baker Street Visitors will be able to pay a visit to Sherlock Holmes' and Dr. John Watson's sitting room where all of the detective's investigations always began and concluded.

Guests will also be able to Become a Detective when they trade in their museum map for a book of clues that will help them solve a murder case (a scenario written by award-winning Conan Doyle biographer, Daniel Stashower) using their powers of observation.

The final area of the Exhibition is Culture of Sherlock which will be a pop culture nirvana for Sherlock Holmes fans. This gallery features everything Sherlock including radio scripts, vintage -themed card games, comics and a collection of movie and TV props, behind-the-scenes tools and costumes from the current Sherlock Holmes movies and TV productions.

Current hours for The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes and COSI are 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. daily. Admission (Sherlock Holmes and regular COSI exhibits) is $25.95 for adults, $24.95 for seniors (60+) and $20.95 for youth (2-12).

For more information about The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes or COSI call 614-228-2674 or get online at

COSI is located at 333 W. Broad St. in Columbus, Ohio. It is approximately a 2 hour drive from Cleveland.

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