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Corvettes and pretty girls


Photo courtesy of the Bowling Green CVB

Way down in Bowling Green the prettiest girls I’ve ever seen. A man in Kentucky sure is lucky to love down in Bowling Green…..The Everly Brothers

The Everly brothers found love in Bowling Green where the girls sure are pretty. Bowling Green is my family’s birthplace and where my parents found love – each other. And, while I didn’t grow up there, I spent most summer vacations and Christmas holidays visiting family. I traveled to Bowling Green to spend time with my parents for Thanksgiving this year and each time I go back for a visit I discover something new about this great little college town.

Bowling Green is less than an hour from Nashville so you can visit the Grand Ole Opry and have dinner at the Gaylord before heading north to Bowling Green. If you don’t find love, you’re sure to find a variety of interesting things to do beginning with the Corvette Museum. Did you know Corvettes are built in Bowling Green?

Bowling Green Surprises: Cakes, Caves, and Shakers…
1. Duncan Hines was born in Bowling Green and as an adult he became a traveling salesman and self-published “Adventures in Good Eating” featuring his favorite eateries from across the towns and cities he visited. It was so popular that he expanded it to include hotels, and after it was featured in the Saturday Evening Post it went on to become a travel staple for most Americans.
2. Mammoth Cave is the world's longest known cave. It is so long that if the second and third longest caves in the world were joined together, Mammoth Cave would still be the planet's longest cave and have nearly 100 miles left over! You can also take a boat tour in the Lost River Cave.
3. The Shakers were America's largest and best-known communal society in the nineteenth century. Their movement began in New York shortly after the American Revolution and you’ll find a working Shaker Village a few miles outside of Bowling Green. Their message was “Peace”.

As always, before you head out, check out the Visitors Bureau for great deals on food, lodging and sightseeing. My favorite restaurant is Mariah's located downtown in Bowling Green's oldest brick house and it's on the National Registar of Historic Homes. The ambiance is great and the food is really good.


  • Jennifer Jones 5 years ago

    I love weekend trips...this sounds like a great one!!

    Dallas Beauty Treatments Examiner & Dallas Volunteerism Examiner

  • Patty Davis 5 years ago

    One of my favorite restaurants is Wahbah's - you pick out your steak and it is cooked for you. Trouble is the steak is huge! You have to find someone to share it with you.

    The museum on the campus of Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green is packed with the history of the area. It is a great way to spend the afternoon.

  • Pauline 5 years ago

    I love this song, but never thought about the place called Bowling Green. It just sounded like a funny name.