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Corvette Commuters Hit the Highway!

Each year one day is set aside to ‘drive to work’ one of America’s original sports cars that has some of the most passionate owners anywhere. This year that day is this coming Friday, June 29 and it will be the 12th annual Drive Your Corvette to Work Day. In honor of this day, enthusiasts across America will make “America’s Sports Car” their commute car for the day and of course Texas Corvette owners are encouraged to be a part of this big day.

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Many owners of this particular Chevrolet consider their Corvette to be a special ‘fun’ car and may only drive theirs on Sunday cruises in the country. But this Friday, don’t be surprised to see a few more on the road than normal! And for those owners who are retired, well they can get their Vette out and simply drive it around town and enjoy being a Corvette owner! Either way, all Corvette owners are encouraged to get out and DRIVE YOUR CORVETTE!

Drive Your Corvette to Work Day is held on the Friday closest to June 30, when the first Corvette rolled off the assembly line in 1953 in Flint, Michigan. Those first Vettes were pail in comparison to today’s models. Then the standard 6 cylinder engine put out 150 horsepower where today you can get a ZR1 model of the Corvette that tops over 600 horsepower. My, have things changed!

The Chevrolet Corvette is arguably GM’s greatest contribution to the automotive world and the event is a tribute to its excellence. The event is organized by a Corvette parts supplier and is simply promoted by word of mouth. Now in its 12 year, the event has become a tradition and favorite of Corvette owners all over the country. So if you are a Corvette owner, get that car on the road this Friday and if you are just a admirer of this car, be sure and give a thumbs up when you see one!