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Cort Lane talks "Ultimate Spider-Man" Animated Series

Coming to a small screen near you!
Coming to a small screen near you!
Marvel Comics

The website Comic Book Movie posted an interview with Cort Lane. Cort Lane is currently producing the upcoming "Ultimate Spider-Man" animated series. Since it's announcement earlier this year, there hasn't been much information regarding the series. Cort was able to give "Comic Book Movie" the following tidbits.

"It is very much inspired by the Ultimate Spider-Man comic book, but we didn’t just want to replicate those stories. We have new stories to tell and new characters to bring into that universe. But I will say that Brian Michael Bendis is involved with breaking the stories and the characters with us."

"Another thing that’s really sexy about the show is that because this is under Marvel’s domain we are able to explore the link he has with the rest of the Marvel universe, so other Marvel heroes appear in it and are interacting with him."

"We haven’t been able to do this in the movies or in the last two shows; kids have never seen Spidey interacting with these other characters. The license Sony had for animation was limited, but this is a MARVEL show. I agree with the fans, they were sad to see Spectacular Spider-Man end, they wanted it to continue – but it was sad for Marvel because it wasn’t our show. We had nothing to do with the decision not to move forward with more episodes."

(regarding Sony's licensing) "Since they weren’t doing anymore Spider-Man animations, we wanted it back and we wanted to be able to do something with it that we thought would be bigger, better and more fun to do."

Check out the full interview over at "Comic Book Movie".

This isn't the first time that the "Marvel Team-Up" aspect of the show has been played up. Many fans are already against the series due to the cancellation of "Spectacular Spider-Man", which is addressed in the interview. What do you all think? Are you looking forward to "Ultimate Spider-Man"?

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  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    Spectacular Spider-Man was the best incarnation of Spider-Man in animated form. It's a shame that there will be no more adventures in this universe. I remember hearing on the Crawl Space podcast of future plans for the show; following Peter after High School, going to College, the whole Gwen Stacey/Captain Stacey thing. Alas, it will never be. I'm afraid that this new show will solely spotlight on the Team Up aspect and will not have any of the drama that Peter's life brings. I hope I'm wrong.

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