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Corruption thy name is Democrat

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Liberals believe that all politicians are corrupt, but then they vote Democrat. The fact is all politicians are not corrupt, but all people are corruptible. The difference is that Republicans root out corruption, while Democrats wallow in it.

If a Republican is revealed to be corrupt, he is disavowed. If a Democrat is revealed to be corrupt, they circle the wagons. Republicans are sometimes too righteous and have been known to throw honorable men under the bus on false, faulty, or scant evidence.

When Democrats throw someone under the bus it is not because they are corrupt, it is because they do not serve the party’s interest. If they can pull enough votes to defeat Republicans in their district it doesn’t matter how corrupt they are. The collective is all that matters and the leadership demands its captains deliver the fodder to the polls.

No Republican should be telling the people he wants to “cross the aisle to work with Democrats.” Democrats no longer represent the people, but only seek to enrich themselves at the expense of others. Every program they have initiated in the last century is designed only to separate the taxpayer from his earnings. What part of that does any taxpayer want to work with and compromise for?

Democrats, especially Obama, boldly lie to the people without fear. Their minions in the media cover for them, and their sycophantic followers drool at their words. The fact that 15% of people can say that Obama never lies when he is on video lying about ObamaCare not forcing people to lose their insurance speaks for itself. There is a sickness in America, a sickness of corruption of hearts and minds, and they are the Democrat Party.

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