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Corruption on the committee: Corruption in education

Recently, I have been attempting to finish up my education by completing the dissertation project for the Ph.D program in Public Policy. For many semesters, I have informed university officials that I wanted to perform a dissertation topic related to deception and self-deception in regards to public policy. Due to the topic subject, I knew that my current university would attempt to try to distort the process of the dissertation for me. After I sent a request to have new committee members of my dissertation, they are pretending that I requested these members to be affirmed on the committee. They attempted to make up excuse after excuse in order to stop me from submitting my dissertation. You see, in today’s America, many members of the White Anglo-American establishment are not wolves, but now they are foxes. They do not do anything overtly, but they pretend to have changed so much. Many of them pretend that there are not vicious predators, but later your chickens are still eaten. Instead of doing things overtly, they like to scheme and plot like foxes! They have known about my topic for awhile now, but know they are claiming that they do not see the public policy relevance of my topic (after 11 weeks of the dissertation course). Shame on all of them! My topic probably reveals too much about what they are about! What do you think Broward County!