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Corrupt media attack Christie but absolve Obama

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Corrupt media attack Christie but absolve Obama. This week President Obama made a public appeal for Congress to extend unemployment benefits. Then, excerpts from former Defense Secretary Robert Gates’ book, Duty, are published exposing Obama as a weak and ambivalent commander. Then the story involving New Jersey Governor Chris Christie being involved in a scandal, which obstructed traffic on the George Washington Bridge and into Ft. Lee, New Jersey back in September, dominated the newsrooms.

Obama has literally gone unscathed with the IRS scandal denying political action groups tax exempt status and the disastrous Obamacare, just to mention two of the many scandals. The liberal press does nothing.
Ironically following the Feast of Epiphany, the dishonest media amazingly has become diligent crusaders for accountability when they couldn’t spell the word in the last five years covering Obama.

The New Jersey scandal involved two senior level staff members of Christie’s ordering an erroneous traffic study at the bridge, which delayed traffic for four days. Evidence shows the staff members corresponded through e-mails to supposedly avenge Ft. Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich for not endorsing Christie in the recent gubernatorial election.

Two days after the story broke; Christie fired the staff members and gave an extensive press conference. He fielded questions without a teleprompter or a script from an aggressive New York media for nearly two hours. On the Obama front, HHS Secretary Sebelius is still employed so is the unconscionably corrupt Attorney General Holder who perjured himself to several congressional committees.

Christie by many accounts was a front runner for the 2016 GOP presidency candidacy. The media will resort to any measure to tarnish Christie, a popular Republican governor from a blue state. They have reported more news stories on this bridge incident in five days than they have with Obama’s IRS scandal in six months. Little does the media know; Christie’s pugnacious style would hardly play throughout fly-over country. His personality is similar to former Michigan Govern John Engler. He’s popular in one state, not the other 49.

Christie did one thing obviously wrong. He joined the Republican Party.

Final Thought: If that brilliant economist, Nancy Pelosi, thinks unemployment checks create jobs, then she should order her party’s entire congressional delegation to go on unemployment and springboard the economy.



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