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Correct and cheapest way to travel from NYC to Boston

There is no reason to break the bank account or waste a New York City cab driver's time in order to travel from NYC to Boston. Do not be this woman who took a nearly one thousand dollar cab ride from JFK to a suburb of Boston and then stiffed the cab driver.

There are much cheaper ways to travel between New York City and Boston. Everyone knows about Amtrak and Greyhound. Amtrak, however, is the most expensive. Although it is the most comfortable of the ground travel options, it is almost better to take a cheap air ticket rather than pay over $100 one way for a four hour train ride. Four hours is the minimum it would take for a bus to get from New York to Boston. So by paying the extra money to Amtrak, one just pays for more comfortable seats but travel time is the same.

It is not exactly traveling rough by taking a bus. Since Greyhound is the national bus provider, it is the most known. But even their bus tickets are more expensive than regional busses. They also stop everywhere in Connecticut so forget sleeping if traveling by night. It is better to get a bus that makes a straight shot from New York City to Boston. If traveling in the night, Greyhound and Lucky Star, which is one of the Chinatown busses, are the only two options. But Lucky Star would be cheaper than Greyhound. Lucky Star also does not stop everywhere in Connecticut.

During the day, there are more choices as Megabus, Bolt Bus, and Worldwide Bus start running in the morning. All busses leave from a designated stop in Midtown Manhattan, but all busses except Worldwide Bus end up at South Station in downtown Boston. Worldwide Bus makes its first stop in Newton, Massachusetts, which is convenient if one does not want to go all the way into Boston. Also, in the case of anyone needing to get to the western suburbs of Boston, it is easier for someone to meet to pick up their passenger from the bus. The second last stop that Worldwide Bus makes is in Cambridge, Massachusetts, conveniently at the end of the red line on the subway system. These three bus lines are highly competitive with each other on pricing, and Lucky Star has also caught on to competing with them since they have tapped into Lucky Star’s niche market. Buy tickets as early as possible to get them as cheap as possible. If traveling the same day as the purchase, a one way bus ticket could be as high as forty dollars depending on the time of year and demand.

But still, a forty dollar bus ticket is nothing compared to wasting a poor cab driver’s time, a one thousand dollar cab fare that needs to be paid off to avoid jail time, and the embarrassment of a mug shot being on the evening news.

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