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Corpse in doll box shipped to storage facility: Dead woman missing 2-months

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A bizarre mystery starts with a corpse of a young woman shipped to a storage facility outside of Tokyo in the city of Hachioji. The dead woman’s body was in a six-foot long box that was labeled “doll,” according to NBC News on May 27.

The Japanese-Brazilian woman’s body was discovered inside the box marked “doll” and it was found that she was riddled with multiple stab wounds. She was identified as a nurse, Rika Okada, 29, from the western city of Osaka. The body was shipped to the storage facility using the dead woman’s credit card.

Okada had been reported missing two months ago. Police report that the dead woman showed no signs of defensive wounds on her body, despite the many different stab wounds she suffered, according to NewsMax today.

The short-term storage facility’s bill was also paid with a credit card belonging to the dead woman. This bizarre story continues with the dead woman’s credit card used to pay for the travel and storage arrangements of her body.

The body was in a storage facility that was not far from a childhood friend of the dead woman. She is also a 29-year-old Brazillian Japanese woman and she was a classmate of the dead woman when they were kids.

The dead woman’s passport was used illegally by this childhood friend, who was also a Japanese-Brazilian woman, to travel to Shanghai. Luckily she was detained on suspicion of entering the country illegally, but now she is a suspect in the bizarre death of her childhood friend back in March.

The dead body was delivered back on March 24 and Okada was last seen at work on March 21. She went missing after posting to her Facebook page that she was “meeting an old friend,” one that she had not seen in a "decade."

It sounds as if she was on her way to visit her friend, the one authorities are holding for questioning for using her passport. So far there is no word on any charges brought against this woman.



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