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Corporate Poisoning of America

As reported in my last article, "GMO's the hidden addiction", GMO's are shown to be addictive and toxic. The largest corporation responsible for the implementation of these scientifically designed (Genetically Modified Organisms) that end up into our food supply goes by the name Monsanto. Monsanto currently is banned and/or it's ingredients labeled on food products in other countries, but not the US. Alarming as it sounds, in the video above, Monsanto was voted as the 'Most Hated Company on Earth' 11 years in a row. What has been going on during those 11 years? Most people have been unaware of GMO's and the protection of the bio-tech/big agriculture industry, as it is left out of the mainstream media reporting. But during that time, more and more consumption of these foods for convenience has enabled big agriculture's expansion.

Due to "Monsanto Protection Act", which was illegally introduced into the House as an attached rider to a Bill, was recklessly passed, then signed by President Barack Obama into law. It appears a newer update is here, shown in this article, 'GMO Bill Signed Into Law' which is a law that was written by Monsanto, for Monsanto, rendering them untouchable as even the federal government can not intervene nor have oversight on Monsanto's products and plan of controlling the world food supply, making it less food and more a mutated form of hazardous chemicals made to look like food. It gives them license to kill, as anyone with any health condition that would ever be linked to GMO's, would not be able to hold Monsanto accountable.

Monsanto claims it will feed the world with it's science, but fails in the science category on backing that up with science that is redacted, altered or intentionally omitted. A clear manipulation of Monsanto's science is shown in this article, by 'Monsanto's Roundup Poison 125 Times More Dangerous Than Regulator's Admit', showing Monsanto deliberately breaking down and focusing on one chemical and it's reaction, as opposed to the combination of all chemicals and that effect it has. The article as well has links on health issues, as it's products are being linked to more disease each day. Monsanto had marketed that RoundUp was 'biodegradable', but now has been shown to have poisoned soils, water and food that in turn are consumed and linked to health issues such as: reproductive issues, compromised immune systems, allergies, gastrointestinal problems, organ damage, diabetes, autism, infertility and lastly, GM bovine growth hormone. It promotes milk production, but as well has high levels of a hormone called IGF-1 in milk, which is known to cause cancer.

The above video also cites that it was explained by a Monsanto consultant in 1999, that it is the company intent to control 100% of the world's seed patent, therefore controlling all food. Corn, soy, wheat, alfalfa, sugar beets and cotton are the major GM products and crops that help make up the majority of foods that we eat. I myself have spoke with a GM farmer and two GM scientists. One stated in 10 years, all food will be genetically modified. The fight of the labeling of ingredients on the foods produced is highly guarded, because they know and have told me, they fear "shaming" by the public and no one will want to buy the products, as they have seen happen in Europe. I was told to 'stay nice' by another, and to 'deeply defend GMO's' and that they (GMO's) have been known to occupy classrooms, by yet another. As to the whole subject matter and corporation, in short, it's all chemical warfare on the people, when they knowingly are putting poisons that cause disease and death into food products.

Last week, the State of Vermont signed legislation to label ingredients, will this corporate giant squash that? There is a Bill right now in Florida for labeling, found here: which appears to to address some issues on getting people informed as to what they are eating by labeling, but certainly there are loopholes to get away with passing foods off as 'safe' when they may be not. To quote the article "GMO Bill Signed Into Law' :

Now that the federal government has no power to stop the use or sale of these products, where does that leave the consumer? The American people did try to stop this bill with over 250,000 signing a petition to veto the spending bill due to the bio-tech rider attached to it. The president, who has shown that he is a bit soft when it comes to GMOs, ignored that petition and signed it into law anyway. Why did Obama promise the American people he would have GMO labels placed on all applicable food back in 2007 when it is now obvious he had no such intention of enforcing it? Who is running this country anyway, the US government or big business that seems to be able to manipulate Congress?

Well, actions speak louder than words. Why do the Obama's have an organic garden? Why do they serve organics to Monsanto employees in the cafeteria? Breaking news today through was that Rep. Mike Pompeo (KS) has been given close to $170,000 since 2010 from the same bio-chemical agricultural industry that Monsanto is in. No wonder he is sponsoring a Bill to support non-labeling. A petition with over 47,000 signatures can be found here against this Bill.

Looks like people who are anti-gmo will have to take this matter up themselves, should the powers that be, be so influenced. Decisions on where to shop can be changed, only shopping and buying organic foods. Growing your own food from organic seeds. Buy organic almond milk instead of cow's milk. Products such as fast food can be boycotted and non-gmo only purchased, such as from the lists A petition from Food Democracy Now can be signed requesting labeling here .

The yearly March Against Monsanto takes place May 24, 2014 with this link displaying events and marches all over the world Let the voices of the people be heard, by sending a loud and clear message to them where it counts most, profit margins.

"Unless we stop Monsanto, they can stop us." Jeffrey M. Smith, Institute For Responsible Technology (above video)

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