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Corporate media and Iowa GOP: Mission accomplished


When I picture Iowa I picture strong conservatives like our fathers who weren’t afraid of third world countries but more concerned about our liberties here at home. They stood up to the Soviets who had 40,000 nuclear weapons and still do. Why on earth would they be afraid of men hiding in caves? They wouldn’t have put up with strip searches and checkpoints. They wouldn’t put up with warrantless searches and bailouts. They sure wouldn’t have put up with their rights being taken away but the results of the Iowa caucuses showed just the opposite with Romney in first and Santorum in second. Let’s hope that is not what happened or we are in big trouble.

In the weeks leading up to the Iowa caucuses the message from the corporate media to the Iowa GOP was loud and clear, either Ron Paul does not win or you lose your status. The Iowa GOP did the only thing they could do to save the state from losing its status as number one in picking Presidents. A lot of revenue could have been lost if people stopped flocking there during election time. It wasn’t an easy task but somehow they managed to pull it off. Ron Paul had a comfortable lead in the polls when the media started to make up lies (too many links on youtube and Google to list) about the Congressman. Even though they ran the stories over and over all day long it didn’t seem to work. The media had tried to put every other candidate against the anti Romney Paul leading up to Iowa, all except one.

Rick Santorum was catapulted by the corporate media from 1% in the polls just two months ago to 17% the day of the caucuses. Even Ron Paul couldn’t accomplish that in 2008 with millions of dollars and millions of determined supporters. It couldn’t have been anymore obvious. If you were to Google Rick Santorum under news you saw nothing but praise from the corporate media. When I say corporate media I’m not just talking about conservative media, it was liberal media as well. They are the major media who are always placed first in any Google search and always share the same talking points. The Examiner which is the closest to citizen journalism never makes it there. If you were to Google Ron Paul you saw nothing but slander and lies.

Then came time for the entrance polls and many local stations said they had never seen so much support for one candidate as Ron Paul. CNN reported Ron Paul winning the entrance polls where they asked people going in who they were going to vote for but then while interviewing a soldier for Ron Paul the connection went bad. No one could have foreseen Rick Santorum taking second place let alone almost beating Mitt Romney. Reports started to come in about missing ballot trucks and lost precinct counts. Most caucus goers said things seemed fair but did not know where the counts went afterwards. We do know there was a chain of command and a secret location. What we don’t know is what happened there.

Here’s what we do know. Republicans have been looking for the anti-Romney candidate since the race began. According to CNN during Iowa coverage Ron Paul got the majority of the “true conservative” vote. We know that just two months ago Rick Santorum was polling at just 1%. The corporate media slammed Ron Paul and praised Santorum at the same time while telling Iowa if Ron Paul wins, Iowa won’t count. We also know the Iowa GOP was planning to keep Ron Paul from winning. Were the people in Iowa worried about men in caves or losing their status?