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Corporate health & wellness at your work station

Exercising at your work station.
Exercising at your work station.

Corporate health and wellness has been big in the news for the last ten years or more, and it is proving to enhance the quality of life of employees for better health and production. For the last ten years, many corporations and businesses have started up corporate health and wellness employee programs that go much farther than what they can reach out to at home with healthy nutrition advice, exercise for weight loss and injury prevention, and eliminating bad habits such as tobacco use. Many of these programs are based within the corporation or business and have been done on the employee’s own time with taking part in a fitness challenge by exercising on breaks such as walking stairs, across a sky way, or even on the sidewalk, as well as working out in their own private gym and gaining points for doing so.

However; today corporate health and wellness is going to the next extreme of corporate health and wellness with fitness stations at your desk. Can you imagine having a work station with a treadmill, stationary bike or a resistance training chair, where you can put your body and muscles into motion for a few minutes a day and accumulate over 30-60 minutes per day of exercise? This form of corporate health and wellness at the work station is happening across the nation, especially in the Minneapolis area, showing improved overall health with employees being more productive, reduced illness rates and more positive and upbeat attitudes.

However, using mechanical devices such as a treadmill at a work station can be harmful to an individual and needs to be taken into precaution with a mechanism that has a moving belt right at their station, and intensity such as heart rate and speed should be limited so the individual does not hurt themselves or others around them. Treadmill cardiovascular exercise is one of the hottest forms of corporate fitness that companies are going with and could be one of the most dangerous. Additionally, there are stationary lower bike pedals that allow employees to pedal right under desk while sitting in the desk chair, and there is also a system with resistance training apparatuses such as latex bands for side and frontal arms while sitting in a chair that is equipped for this measure to give you a proper strength training routine while working.

Working out at ones desk does not mean they are getting the proper work out, but at least they are moving their muscles through some form of cardiovascular or aerobic fitness and resistance training. Corporate fitness is going further and further in working with employees in making them healthier, in health and wellness and productivity for their lives.