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Corporate gig dos and don'ts part 2

Corporate gig, Exxonmobile
Corporate gig, Exxonmobile
Debra Byron

Once you are booked to perform for a corporate event, there are some key issues to keep in mind. Here is part 2, to assist in making your corporate performance a success.

Don't - eat or drink anything at the gig unless you are invited to do so. Keep in mind the food and beverages are for the guests. If you don't have food and beverages listed in your special/additional requirements in your contract, then wait until you are invited to partake in the refreshments by the person who has hired you or the person directed to oversee the event.

Don't - ask for the balance owed to you until the end time of your performance listed on your contract. If the contact person offers to pay you ahead of time, politely accept the payment and express your appreciation for the promptness.

Don't - stop performing and begin to pack up at the ending time of your gig. Instead, at the closing time have a designated person speak to the contact person and say "It's (blank time) and we've satisfied our contract. Would you like us to continue to perform or stop after this song?" You would be surprised how many times you'll be asked to continue to perform for maybe a half hour or sometimes an hour longer. If that happens, then you can present your price to perform the extra time. If they agree, then you scored some extra money and look real good to everyone involved. If you are told to stop performing after this song, thank them for having you. If you haven't received the balance money due to you, this is the time to collect.

Don't - wear worn jeans, cut offs, t-shirts, torn clothes or gym shoes to your corporate event. Even the clothes you wear to set up your equipment before the event begins should be tasteful, clean and presentable to convey your professionalism.

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