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Corporate addiction to greed and the demise of the ninety nine percent

If I were to ask you, what is the number one addiction that impacts us all and has the potential to destroy us as a human race? It affects every one of us, as those we elect and empower to represent us make decisions for us that affect not only SWFL, but the world as well. America right now suffers at the hands of it's disease, as we are it's victims not in control of it but sitting back, watching as it increases in intensity and harms more people everyday. This addiction is one of money, greed and the gaping black hole of addiction, as the 1% of the population controls most of the U.S. wealth. We have our environment being polluted, extreme wealth inequality, GMO's in our food supply, more and more people becoming homeless and more people losing jobs than ever before.

More and more money is hoarded, and there is no end to the money and corporate power grab of Wall Street bankers, corporations, and just this last year, our politicians. In 2013 some Democrats and Republicans became millionaires for the first time in history. How does this happen? The most obvious way is by allowing the banks and the corporations to control our government. The lobbyists that work for the corporations, grease the political machine in order to get the special interest groups ahead. There is no limit on the money that corporations can give to politicians, and the amount of money can be astounding.

The most recent example of this, which has come under much criticism is the movie "The Wolf Of Wall Street." Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorcese have been blamed and criticized as glamorizing this way of lavish living, sex and drugs but as the attached video points out, the aim of the film was to exploit that this is what occurs. Corporations, banks and politicians perform criminal acts and are rarely held accountable for them. It's as if they are above the law, and the middle class of America is dwindling. The movie was made to make people aware of what really happens in the corporate world, and show an insider view of how things really work, behind closed doors.

Right now, 1 in every 5 children go hungry in the U.S. as food stamps have been cut, Veteran's benefits have been cut and unemployment has been cut, just to name a few. It seems cruel and heartless, to put people in a place of undue hardships, so let's look at this motivating force of greed and those that lack empathy, allowing citizens to suffer. Hoarding of money could be just that, an obsessive compulsive disorder and an issue of hoarding material things, in this case money. It could be a mental affliction as well as an addiction. All addiction issues stem down to one thing, lack of self-esteem. In order to compensate, addicts attempt to feel better by indulging in their drug or behavior of choice in order to soothe the ego, self-soothe and feel better. The problem is, it is a temporary fix, and the behavior must be repeated for the next 'fix' once the high wears off.

It may be a matter of having an anti-social personality and/or narcissism, two personality disorders that share the same qualities: lack of empathy and a desire to be in control. Sound familiar in terms to politicians and corporations? Look at McDonald's and Wal-Mart. Corporate giants, but yet their employees are paid poverty wages and many are forced to rely on public assistance to support their families. Wal-Mart went so far as having an inside employee food drive for it's employees at Christmas time. So, due to the greed of these corporations, who are viewed as "persons", according to the U.S. supreme court decision, "Citizen's United", we as taxpayers help support these employees and their families because these companies will not pay a livable wage, but are two of the wealthiest families in the nation. These two corporations are prime examples of money hoarding and an endless appetite or addiction for more and more money for those in charge, and lack of care for its employees and those in the community that have to pick up the tab of their addicted habit and/or mental defect, using Medicaid and food stamps as "job benefits."

There needs to be a political and financial intervention, as each day more and more people become victims to unlivable circumstances that are matters of life and death.

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