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Corondao Commuter Ferry starts new trip Monday morning

San DIegans commuting to Coronado for work will not miss the free Coronado commuter ferry early mornings when they start a work trip after 5:30 am. Starting Monday, JUne 30th, a new weekday ferry route leaves Broadway Pier at 5:55 am and arrives in Coronado at 6:10 am.

Commuters coming from Coronado to the San Diego downtown waterfront can take the route trip at 6:15 am, and arrive in town at 6:30 am. Total routes, to and from Coronado, now add up to five during the morning hours ending at 8:50 am.

Coronado added the new route to give early risers that need a later start across the bay their own ferry route. The trip time lines up with the downtown trolley times, making transfers easy.

The short distance drivers drive across the Coronado bridge can add valuable commute time to a daily trip. Morning commute crowds slow up car travel. Bicyclists do not have the room to use a fast pace to get to work.

The island ferry's new Coronado and downtown San Diego trips will help lower the number of cars on the road. Less busy traffic will also keep down the morning traffic pollution out over the bay, and along the bay lands.

Free trips out on the open water run by Flagship Cruises open up trip options San Diego commuters use. Slow trips on the road lengthen the time commuters take up during a weekday. The fifth morning ferry route can cut down new riders' work days. Both car drivers and bus riders. Cool trips can stay regular during the hot Summer months.

Bicyclists ride free on the Coronado Commuter Ferry. The ferry riders get a return ticket to take the ferry back home in the afternoon.

All the other ferry route times stay the same.

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