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Coronation reveals Dread Lord Dag is an imposter

Anne Marie Reunited with Dag
Anne Marie Reunited with Dag
Michael G Kieffer


  • Konrad 5 years ago

    "At this point Her Majesty realized this was not Dag..."

    Actually it seemed she just realized the Dread Lord had gone mad with power and for the good of the Kingdom had to be stopped. She did not know at the time that he was not the true King Dag. She was awaiting the justice of the Crown for regicide, a grave crime even when done with good intent, when the real Dag was carried out from the dungeons.

    "Nor why he wished to make the Middle Kingdom and Ealdormere one."

    The Dread Imposter's plans were greater than just reclaiming Ealdormere. That would just be the first step in his plan to return all the former lands of the Middle back under his control. After Ealdormere he planned to take back Northshield and Calontir as well.

    This be true to my memory as a witness to this court and these actions.

    Meister Konrad Mailander

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