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Coronation reveals Dread Lord Dag is an imposter

Anne Marie Reunited with Dag
Anne Marie Reunited with Dag
Michael G Kieffer

This past Saturday at the Coronation of the new king and queen of the Middle Kingdom it was proved that the man who had been claiming to be His Majesty Dag, was in fact an imposter. And the mysterious gray cloaked figure that the imposter King Dag despised was none other than the prince, Radagaisus. A series of odd events brought this to light.

The king’s champion was told that he, The Dread Lord Dag, was going to unite the Midrealm with Ealdormere to restore her to her former glory. This was despite that fact that the current King and Queen of Ealdormere were in attendance. His Majesty said he would lead the army himself wielding Oathbinder and sent Sir Angus Gordon to marshal the forces for war. Her Majesty, Anne Marie, tried to talk Lord Dag out of this but could not.

Once Sir Gordon had left, a cloaked and hooded man entered Court. The hooded man claimed to be the rightful Heir to the Dragon Throne. Since this was the prince he was the next rightful heir. The Dread Lord Dag attempted to get the Knights to follow his lead but they would not. The Dread Lord said there would be punishment for this insubordination. At this point Her Majesty realized this was not Dag and took matters into her own hands to remedy the situation. She sent this imposter to the ferryman with a dagger between the shoulder blades, thus ending the terror that the Dread Lord had spread across the Midrealm. The Chivalry disposed of the body and the new king, Radagaisus, did not blame Her Majesty for this imposter. Anne Marie then handed over her crown for the new Queen, Ceinwen, to take the throne. The newly crowned Queen mustered Her Royal Guards to secure the hall and then His Majesty had the jails and dungeons searched and all prisoners to be released.

Sir Angus returned before reaching the Midrealm army to help with the release and in the deepest dungeon found a man in an iron mask. Being that the man was too weak, Sir Angus and Sir Meurissse de la Luna Sombre helped him go before the newly crowned Royals. This masked mans only words were “Anne Marie” over and over again. A key that the imposter Dag wore all the time was used on this masked man and it was revealed, under all the hair and beard that had grown over the months, to be the real King Dag VI. Of course he was happy to be reunited with Anne Marie.

Unfortunately it will never be known how the imposter was able to gain the throne from the real Dag. Nor why he wished to make the Middle Kingdom and Ealdormere one. And of course who the imposter really was.


  • Konrad 5 years ago

    "At this point Her Majesty realized this was not Dag..."

    Actually it seemed she just realized the Dread Lord had gone mad with power and for the good of the Kingdom had to be stopped. She did not know at the time that he was not the true King Dag. She was awaiting the justice of the Crown for regicide, a grave crime even when done with good intent, when the real Dag was carried out from the dungeons.

    "Nor why he wished to make the Middle Kingdom and Ealdormere one."

    The Dread Imposter's plans were greater than just reclaiming Ealdormere. That would just be the first step in his plan to return all the former lands of the Middle back under his control. After Ealdormere he planned to take back Northshield and Calontir as well.

    This be true to my memory as a witness to this court and these actions.

    Meister Konrad Mailander

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